Class of 2001 Senior Prank
As is customary in most high schools (whether the administration approve of it or not) the senior class in high school typically pulls a prank of some kind or other in the spring of the final few months of school. Our plan was masterminded by Brian Orosco who had it in mind ot buy up an old junked VW Bug, rip it apart and attach it to a tree in front of our assembly building.
Brian had access to all the tool and equipment that would be needed do do this at his father's shop. The car was purchased on a Friday evening and several of use helped move it out of the weeds and onto a trailer where is was tucked off for it's transformation. On Saturday Orosco and several other guys, Jim and Chris Lindsey, ripped out the engine and the upholstery, and using a plasma cutter, cut a hole on the floor large enough to accommodate a Carmel Pine tree. They then gave the bug a new paint job of white and green with a dash of gold (Stevenson High school's colors).

On Sunday I came out to help with the final work on the car. Holes were drilled into the doors and bolts set in to keep the them closed (as no doubt the Junior class would try and tamper with the prank). Since the car was almost gutted it weighed almost nothing and could be easily lifted with 4 people.

That evening around 1am the car was put on a trailer and driven out to school where a group od about 25 people were there to push and lift the car into place. The other door was then bolted shut and the inside filled with wood, dirt, and a garnish of flowers. As a final touch a sigh was placed above the bug saying "Senior Parking 2001" and the area surrounding the car taped off. It certainly looked good Monday morning as we gathered for assembly.
All of us who helped in this prank put our initials on the the car. Now normally this would be the end of the story and you could all be inspired to do something of quality on your own. However the Junior class decided to be uppity and tried to 1 up us.

The very next morning when we came back to school, the Car had been pulled from its tree and hung from the entrance to the library. This was a slap to the face and demanded an immediate response. So that evening we devised a great plan. We took the car down off the library overhang and drug it over to the Junior parking lot which has 2 entrances. We tore the tires of the bug, filled it with granite rock and wrote "You want it, you can have it!" on the car. Now the car only blocked one entrance so the juniors simply drove in the other

entrance. Later that morning I drove home and drug down an very large boulder from the hillside with our tractor. I had to break it in half as I could not even get it off the ground with the bucket. We loaded it into a pickup and drove back to the junior parking lot and dropped off the (now) 2 smaller boulders effectively trapping the parking lot. Now Pebble Beach is pretty much a forest on a peninsula and the area surrounding the parking lot was filled with trees so even those people with lifted pickup trucks could not escape. Eventually high school maintenance drug the Bug and the boulders away, but the point had been made and the excitement ended with a clear victor.

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