High School- Robert Louis Stevenson (RLS)
I attended RLS all 4 years of high school and graduated in 2001. Located in the pine forest of Pebble Beach, RLS was more of a resort and a free pass into the most expensive and beautiful area of the Monterey peninsula. Events like the AT&T Pro Golf Tournament and the Concourse de Elegance were walking distance from campus.

As a high school, RLS, I felt was academically harder than college. Not only were there a HUGE variety of classes but in general talented and knowledgeable professors taught them.

RLS was a HUGE step forward for me as it opened my eyes to a wide new variety of things. I played Water Polo all 4 years there, took several art classes including an AP art course and even got my own radio show on RLS's own 91.9FM KSBP.

Highlighs of RLS
  • People You Don't Forget

College- Westmont College
I attended Westmont College for 2 years from 2001 till 2003. Though I have not completed college, I can speak about Westmont. It's located in the heart of Montecito, the Pebble Beach of Santa Barbara. I think Westmont is even more beautiful than RLS and in many ways in a better location.

Westmont was not as hard academically as RLS though it was harder for me because unlike RLS, I was free to do what I pleased when I pleased. I was surrounded 24/7 by my peers and Santa Barbara is not exactly as retired or quite as Monterey.

While RLS prepared me academically, Westmont matured me more than anything else. I had a chance to see what people my age were like and in an environment of believers. I have said it before, but even if I had NO IDEA what I would do for those 4 years and had a spare $100,000 to blow, I would have gone to Westmont just for the experience.

Highlighs of Westmont
  • College Friends
  • People You Don't Forget
  • Ensenada Mexico Trip

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