Stevenson Paintball Club
I will try and find some images of the club but it was before I did a good job documenting things on film. The Stevenson paintball club began my sophmore year back in 1999. This was right around the time of the Columbine shootings and I was actually very surprised that the administration premitted the club. We were given our own forum within the school's forum/mail system (that nasty "FirstClass" thing) and they even allowed us to bring the equipment on campus provided we let the faculty know ahead of time and for what purpose it would be used.

We had about 12 members 6 of whom were regular participants. Most of the time we just took off for a weekend game when most of us had a free day. We did get one day however when my grade came out for a full day of play at the field I worked at. That was a good day.....

When I graduated in 2001 it was passed on to my brother Morgan. I don't know if it still exists but it was nice to be allowed to have it during my time there.

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