Stevenson Water Polo 1998-2001
I played Water Polo for Stevenson all for years of high school. I had never played or even heard of the sport freshman year and my mother actually signed me up (without telling me of course). It was definitely one of the harder sports I have played but also a lot of fun to play. I earned Most Improved Player freshman year, MVP sophomore year, and Sportsmanship award my Junior year.

The nice thing about water polo is that no matter how hard you practice or play you don't wake up sore the next day. In addition you don't usually break bones like in football or lacrosse. I was never much for the swimming part but I did like the times I got to throw the ball.

I did not pursue the sport in college as Westmont did not have a regulation sized pool and no real water polo team. Still, I am glad that I stuck with it for the 4 years in high school.

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