This was the banner I used when I set up my little club table. After seeing that it could be done in high school (even with the Columbine incident fresh on America's mind) College was a breeze.

I only had to get one other person to say they were interested in being a part of the club to gain "offical club status" which took all of 30 seconds. In fact I had about 25 people sign the initial form. Second, I wanted to get college funding for our club which required that I make a presentation to the student council. I had a great time with this and let this be a resourse to any of you looking to get college funding. Here are the main thrusts of my argument for college funding:

Westmont College needed a Paintball Club because:

  • It caters to the minorety on campus: the male population.
  • The college age male (ages 17-24) tends to be hormonal and have high energy at this point in life. What better than to let them run around and shoot each other all day?
  • College tends to promot a sedintary life which can lead to pent up energy and aggression for both male and female. Paintball offers an outlet for this as well as a healthy form of exercise.
  • A paintball club will introduce people to the sport in a safe and well organized fashion. In addition a club would promot a more positive outlook on the sport.

So with the blessings of the college, and some college funding backing me up, I was able to organize a trip down to SC Village in Corona SoCal.

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