Does it hurt when you get hit?

Sometimes. When you are playing, you are pumped up on so much adrenalin that very often you do not feel it until later. But if you are shot at close range and especially on exposed skin, it can break the skin and leave an ugly welt. So make sure you shoot the other person first!

How fast to the paintballs fly?

It varies. Most fields and locations set the maximum speed that people may shoot between 240-300 feet per second. For comparison that is about 164-205 mph. Now paintballs slow down very quickly and after about 50 yards you can almost catch them in your hand.

Can you see the paintballs in the air?

Yes you can. When you look down the barrel you can watch where the paintballs go and adjust accordingly. Also if you see someone shoot at you, you can see the paintballs coming at you and if you are 20-30 yards away you can actually dodge them if you are quick.

How far will paintballs fly?

Depends on how high your velocity it turned up but if you aim your marker at a 45 angle, you could get paintballs out perhaps 150 yards+

What do paintballs taste like?

They don’t taste very good. They are not toxic but it is not recommended that you eat them… freak

Does the paint stain?

Sometimes. The paint is water-soluble but I wouldn't wear my best suit when I go play.

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