Paintballs are the ammunition in paintball. They are approximately 68-caliber balls filled with colored vegetable oil, or another non-toxic, water-soluble fill. The shell of the paintball is similar to the gel filled pills you can find in the phamacy.. This is important because it means that both the paint and shell are not a problem if ingested, and the paintballs naturally degrade and return to the soil leaving no mess or litter.

Paintballs come in a variety of shell color and fill color. Most of the major colors like yellow, green, blue, and orange are produced, with the exception of red as it can be confused with blood. The paint is designed to stick to the player or equipment when a ball breaks and to be very bright so a hit is distinct.

Paintballs are sold in bulk sizes of up to 2000 rounds boxes. The cost of a box of paint can be as little as $30 to as much as $85 depending on brand, consistency, and how thick the paint inside breaks.
Paintballs are inherently inaccurate when fired. Unlike real bullets, which are solid and have an axis along which they can spin, paintballs are liquid filled and basically a ball that tumbles though the air. Because of this, even after a short distance like 30 yards, there is a considerable spread in where the paintball could go.

Very often players will carry more paintballs that is what in their hoppers. The extra paint is stored in tubes that slide into waist packs held behind the player. These packs vary in design and can carry up to 2000+ paintballs.

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