Safety Apparel

Face Masks
The face mask is the most important protective device in the sport. It's also the only required bodily protection required for the sport. While a paintball does not crack ribs, it will blind a person if they are hit directly. This is probably the most common of the serious accidents in paintball. Commercial fields are required to supply masks, and most reputable fields strictly enforce keeping masks on but as we have seen, there are no fool-proof systems. People still play or shoot at other people who are not wearing appropriate safety equipment and the results can be life changing.

Barrel Covers
Although all paintball markers comes with safety switches, when you are not using the marker between games, there are simple covers that block the barrels in case the marker is fired.
The most common type is a barrel plug that squeezes into the end of the barrel. It is being replaced by the barrel sock. The reason it is being replaced is that sometimes the plug can be blown off by a shot fired meaning the next shot could take out an eye.

Barrel socks are the replacement of barrel plugs. They have an elastic strap that hooks back on the marker. Unlike the barrel plug, the sock cannot be blown off after one shot and it fits all barrels equally well.

Other Clothing
Beyond the paintball masks and barrel covers, the rest of what you wear is open to preference. Some people play in as little as shorts and a t-shirt while others wear several layers of clothing. Army BDU's are a common sight on fields but paintball jerseys are becoming more and more popular. Read up on types of play to find out more about that.

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