Which Valves Do What?

This is another common question people have. With many different names for the same valve, and all of them looking the same, many people don't realize that there really are only 2 valve made by AGD.

All the valves (with the 1 exception) will fit all AGD markers and take the same replacement o-rings and parts sold by AGD. Beyond the 2 varieties of valves, the names are about the only things that are different.

Automag A.I.R Valve (Classic Valve)
Automag RT Valve

The first valve AGD made was the A.I.R valve commonly known as the Classic Valve. Introduced in 1990, this valve has dozens of variations that really only differ in names. While there were many 3rd party upgrades made for the Classic Valve, most, like the "8-hole mod", were more hype than performance boosters. Most of these upgrades are not covered by AGD it's best not to use them. Common variations include:

The Smart Parts and ANS valves are no longer made but are still flaoting around in the market.

All these valves have the same internals and run off of CO2 or HPA. They take the same parts kits available from AGD.

The second-generation valve AGD produced was the RT valve. The RT stands for "Reactive Trigger" but unlike the other reactive triggers marketed by companies, the design of the valve itself produces the bounce on the trigger not some separate hardware. This is the high performance valve that is touted as being able to shoot 26 bps without shoot down. You can see a video of an RT valved Mag shooting 30bps here. Common variations include:
  • Retro Valve (AGD)
  • Retro Micromag Valve (ProTeam Products)
  • RT Valve (AGD) *
  • RT Pro Valve (AGD)
  • E-Mag Valve (AGD)
  • X Valve (AGD)
  • E-Max Valve (TunaMags)

These valves ONLY run on HPA and should not be run with a a second regulator.

*The original RT valve has a smaller diameter back regulator and a special gas through valve bolt that is only compatible with the the original RT markers.

Both valves designs will accept the Level 10 Bolt upgrade and the ULE Trigger Pull Kit

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