To understand the Automag Community, you have to know a little about the company.
Airgun Designs (AGD) was one of the early manufacturers in paintball, and is credited with many of innovations that have made the sport more enjoyable for everyone. In the early 90's AGD was one of the top choice markers to have, rivaled only by the WGP Autococker.

Because AGD did not introduce any real changes or additions to its product line for several years, their popularity waned. The markers were essentially the same technology in 2000 that they were in 1990.

But Automag owners refused to turn in their aging markers or abandon AGD. Much like the die hard Macintosh users, Automag owners continued to stick up for the company and came together online at to discuss and learn from each other as enthusiast to enthusiast.

While AGD made the transition into the 21st century decently, popular opinion of the Automag was almost as tough to deal with as competing markers. Many people still saw the Automag as an antiquated 90's marker that was obsolete in the age of CNC milling and WAS boards. Paintball as a tournament sport has become very flashy and appearance oriented. Name brand recognition often plays a more important role than finding a marker that fits the player's preference and playing style.

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