How Does Zak Shoot That RT Pro?

Since I do not use the ULE Trigger Mod, I cannot walk the trigger on the RT. Rather I have worked out a refined form of "fanning" the trigger. Note- I use a blade trigger here.

I say refined because when I (and I think most of us) think of someone fanning the trigger, it's this violent and uncontrolled display of the person banging their finger(s) around in the trigger frame in a desperate attempt to force some speed out of the marker. While this is stress relieving, it usualy does not work that well in the end.

I found that my fingers and wrist were not really up to the taste of pulling the RT trigger repeatedly very fast so I figured out how to use my forearm.

The picture on the right shows how I place my fingers together that rest on the trigger. My thumb and pointer finger touch with the pointer finger extending a bit beyond the thumb. This extra space is where the trigger rests, the thumb is merely a stop so my pointer finger does not wander off the trigger.

Pictured on the left is about how you should be holding the trigger (if you shoot right handed). Now comes the unusual part that differs from most fanning techniques.

First off, when you pull the trigger you use your biceps to pull the trigger keeping your wrist and fingers stiff.

Second, here is how you can achieve a high ROF doing this. Have you ever noticed that when you flex your biceps that you can make your whole arm shake, or rather twitch? Same thing here. You are trying to twitch like this in a controlled manner so that you can just rattle off shots on the RT trigger. The reason this really works is because the RT bounce helps push your finger back if you are a bit sloppy on letting up after each shot.

So there you have it. It's not a precision mode of fire but as far as fanning is concerned, its pretty good. Give it a try and let me know if this explains it well enough.

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