Other Ways To Rapidfire?

Yes there are. There are all sorts of small things that people do to the RT valve and even Classic valve that range from grinding down parts to adding removing shims to using non-AGD aftermarket parts. Things like the Reactor Valve, an aftermarket on/off assembly for the Classic AIR Valve is one example that still pops up.


examples like"

  • "Just grind down your on/off pin or buy a shorter one"
  • "Just buy a ULT and put some extra shims in in"

If you set your marker up like this you end up with a marker that ONLY rapidfires and you have to take it apart to use it normally. Why would you do that when you can have both a normal firing marker AND one that can rapidfire WITHOUT having to take it apart. If a ref comes up to you and tells you to slow your marker down or takes it to test fire it and you ground your pin down, what are you gonna say and do?

While I could discuss these options I choose to ONLY explain rapidfire using AGD parts that are stock and IN FACTORY SPECIFICATION. This means that you do not have to grind, cut, or bend parts of your marker that can void your warranty and endanger you. If you follow the steps I have compiled, you can make this work every time with a stock AGD marker.

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