Rapidfire or Runaway?

Many people (including AGD) use the terms rapidfire and runaway interchangeably. Though similar in meaning, I do not think the term runaway is appropriate. Runaway as an adjective defined by Webster means :

4 : "subject to uncontrolled changes" <runaway inflation>
5 : "being or operating out of control" <a runaway oil well> <a runaway nuclear reactor>

But rapidfire will NOT work without careful control by the user. It does not start on its own, and it will not continue on its own. The person firing the marker must control the trigger in order rapid-fire and the moment they let of the trigger, it stops.

A better example of runaway would be an Intimidator that had its debounce set to ZERO. A configuration like that will fire on its own without any assistance: It's "running away" and out of control. That does not describe rapid-fire and thus the term does not apply.

Make sense?

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