Troubleshooting Your System

I hope you have read the informaton on the rest of the pages on rapidfire. I said,


If you still have problems and you REALLY did read all that I would be VERY interested in hearing what the problems were. The most common problems people email me about are things like:

Problem: My tank is cranked up to 850 / 900 / 950 / 1000psi, but I still cannot rapidfire.

Solution 1: Turn your pressure up more. There is not a magic pressure, and every tank reg is different
Solution 2: Your tank is down to 1000psi isn't it? Go refill it and try it out again.

Problem: I have a preset tank and a stock on/off valve. I am not getting the kind of bounce I was hoping for.

Solution 1: Go read this page again and tell me what you think is missing from this equation? How many preset tanks allow you to raise your input pressure?
Solution 2: Try an adjustable 4500psi tank system and play with the pressure around 900-1000+psi.

Problem: I put a shorter on/off pin in my valve because this guy told me it was the easiest way to rapidfire and now my marker doesn't work / rapidfires all the time and I cannot stop it!.

Solution 1: Where did you read me suggest that you mess with your on/off pin length? Have I not made it PAINFULLY clear to LEAVE THAT IN SPEC ACCORDING TO AGD!
Solution 2: Put your correct on/off pin back in and get the adjustable tank you don't want to spend the money on.
Solution 3: Buy a ULT and play with the shims if you really don't want to spend the money on the adjustable tank.

Do you have a question that you think belongs up here? Well it's not going to happen if you do nothing so email me and let me know.

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