Rapidfire Using The ULT Mod
The ULT: Eliminates Bounce or Makes It Even Easier?
When AGD first released the ULT on/off assembly for the RT valved Mags it was advertised to do 2 things:
  1. Substantially lighten the trigger pull of the trigger.
  2. COMPLETELY Eliminate the bounce of the RT valve.

The ULT does EXACTLY that.

It gives an "almost electro" feel to the Automag and it completely eliminates the bounce of the RT valve that had so many people worried sick about tourney legality. I tested out ULT equipped X-valve with my Smart Parts Max-Flo and even at 1200psi direct input the trigger pulled as flat as a Classic AIR valve. No bounce whatsoever. Naturally I did not want that so I did not buy one.

After a few months people began posting that they could make their ULT Mags rip off rounds just like what I describe on these pages. A little reading and research showed that just like the level 10, the ULT can be installed improperly and if you install it wrong you ended up with a marker that would rapidfire all the time.

What people found was that if they put too many shims into their ULT assembly the marker would rapidfire and what's more, it would do so with a preset tank. So for example, say AGD sent you a tuned ULT X-valve on your Automag and you found that for your marker, 3 shims were needed for a properly tuned, no bounce trigger setup. If you were to put in say, 1 or 2 more shims you could get the marker to rapidfire.

Course the problem is that it is much harder to make it NOT rapidfire. It behaves a bit more like "runaway" than rapidfire. If you wanted to make it not do that you had to take the marker apart and take out the shims.

I am not too fond of suggesting this method because you have to take the marker apart to allow for normal play and however small it is, you ARE improperly installing the ULT. It's your marker, you take the risks...

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