Guidelines For Submitting a Picture

Please do not send any markers with indecent stickers or images on them or with people in them. Remember this is marker gallery, not a "get-your-face-on-my-website" gallery (besides I'll see it anyway).

Below is an example of how large your picture will be when I put it on my site. Please make sure all pictures are at least 800x600 pixels in size. I would actually prefer, however that they are larger so that I can crop them down and enhance them on Photoshop. Feel free to send me several images and I will put up the ones I like.

Lastly, please include a short list of the stuff on the marker and let me know if you want your real name or AO name listed. I won't add that without your consent.

Example: AT LEAST 800 pixels wide, 600 pixels tall

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