Make: SFL E-Mag
  • Custom "Infection" Ano (3rd ano)
  • Matching Milled Spyder Vert Feed
  • Red 2 Piece CP Barrel
  • Red X-Valve
  • Matching Boomstick Barrel System with 10",14" &16" tips (uses freak inserts)
  • Matching 14" WWA Justice Series Barrel
  • Matching J&J Edge Kit 14" Tip
  • Dual Red RPG Detents
  • MiniMorlock Board
Current Setup: Conventional
  • Red Halo B w/ Rip Drive & Cheetah Board
  • Red CP Rail & ASA
  • SS hose with Matching Red Shrink Wrap & Air Fittings
Marker currently located in Central Coast California

- ACE installed-

Pictures taken 4-20-06 - 11-15-07

Earlier Pictures of This SFL
A collection of snapshots of the SFL before the images take above.
2nd photo by WhiteWolf Ano (2004)
3rd photo by WhiteWolf Ano (2004)
2nd iridescent blue/purple ano done by Law (2002)
Another shot by Law (2002)
A 3rd Shot by Law (2002)
Original silver ano from ShockTech (2001)
Known History
Introduction By Law
As far as I know I was the 3rd owner of this beautiful sfl.  I purchased it from someone on AO that only owned it for about three weeks.  The original owner was from Illinois and supposedly had nothing but problems with this marker.  When I received it the anno was in pretty poor shape.  There were numerous scratches and scrapes from use and someone who thought not wrapping steel hose with anything was a good idea!  The only things I did immediately was set up the lvl10 properly (completely installed wrong! no wonder it chopped) and because I love clear panels put one of my red panels I had sitting around on the left side.  The grip panel is one I made years ago when I was going to make them as a hobby.  I never got around to actually making the other side.  Also, the inside of the breech was completely chewed up and sharp edged which also explained the ineffectiveness of the lvl10 to perform its duty most of the time and turning the marker into a blender.  After not being able to locate extra XMag vertical breeches from anyone at AGD and not wanting to go through Europe a little work with a dremel was all that was needed to smooth things out some.

 Not a lot of people out there were getting new anno jobs on their sfl with fear of damage to their precious but I knew I had to risk it. To get the body washer out so the body could be anno'd, I was able to make a simple tool out of a bolt and some washers purchased at the hardware store.  If anyone is looking for more information on that process feel free to email me .  The anno only cost me a little over 100 dollars to get done.  It was done at XPB (Xtreme Paintball) whom I found off the forums at AO.  It is my understanding they are no longer doing anodizing at this time for some reason or another but if they start up again I really recommend them.  Turn around time was about 3 weeks because they had a lot of backed up work but I was given many updates by the person doing the  anno, great service they had.

I owned and played with this SFL for about a year and told myself I would never sell it.  It has played in a few different states, WI ,IL, PA, MI and probably a few others.  However financially I was falling on tough times at the start of the year and the SFL was becoming a rather expensive paperweight.  I reluctantly posted it for sale on, it took me about 2 weeks to find the right person/deal for the marker.  I want to say that I sold it to someone on the west coast, maybe California, but it could have been the east coast as well because I was selling a lot of items at the time.  Wherever it is I hope its in good hands and is being used often, I am currently kicking myself in the butt for ever selling it.

-written by Law

-January 2004 to January 2006-
by (Crimson Ghost)

This is SFL #1 for me at the moment. I am trying to buy up and locate as many of these rare markers as I can (afford) . LAW sold me this and it was a great deal from an awsome guy. I ALMOST felt bad for taking it from him.
WWA Arranged and thought up the anno work for me, as well as made the barrels and such. I just wanted an anno that stood out and no one else had. I came up with the idea for a disease series of annoes at one point and told WWA to make this SFL look like it had a BAD infection. WWA took awhile to get it done but... I think they made it perfect.
This SFL will NOT see a field as it is something of a showpiece for me and I have NO desire to put it to use. This was made to be art...and so it is :)

-written by Crimson Ghost

-January 2006 to Present-
by (A-Tach-One)

I have been into Xmags and buying them up for a few months before I caught the SFL bug.  I had watched a for sale thread of CrimsonGhost's for sometime and one day, I just had to have it.  Thankfully no one had taken advantage of the opportunity so I picked it up off of AO on 1/15/06.  So big thanks to CrimsonGhost for selling it to me!  He wasn't kidding, anno was absolutely perfect and the gun had really never been fired since the re-annoing of this marker.  I was extremely happy but wanted to put my own mark on it so I accented the marker with a few red parts.  With the newly acquired red parts, this Infection kinda became a bloody Infection.

-written by A-Tach-One

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