Make: SFL E-Mag
  • Original Silver/Grey Dust Ano
  • 12" matching Dye Barrel
  • Black lowrise
  • Software 4.0
Current Setup: Conventional
  • Halo B With Rip Drive
  • 68/3K Flatline HPA Tank
  • ShockTech ASA
  • Macroline
Marker currently located in Staten Island, New York

-ACE installed-

Pictures taken January 2008

Earlier Pictures of This SFL
A collection of snapshots of the SFL before the images take above.
Known History
Introduction by Magman007
I origionally aquired this sfl after alot of hard searching. It was an odd way that i came into contact with it, but alas, i digest. This sfl had been up for grabs on the boards, the owner, wanted an angel for it, where as i was offering cash. He wanted the angel and that was that. I had already been on the xmag list, with AGD rob, who recieved the first few xmags. Dansim had contacted me, knowing i was getting an xmag, and he was interested. throughout talking with dansim, i had let him know that i was interested in the sfl even more, as i liked the milling etc more than the xmag. dansim contacted the seller to see if he would be interested in his newly aquired excalibur. He wasnt, but an owner of an adrenaline angel was. So, it was a 3 way trade. dansim got the xmag that i was waiting on, one of the first few production xmags, the owner of the sfl got his angel, and the owner of the angel got his excalubur. everyone was happy.

I was currently in chile at the time, so my parents did the sending. The chileans were already impressed with my old e-mag, which i soon had to part ways with to obtain the sfl. My dad came down to visit me, and in toe was the sfl. It was greater than i could have imagined. Dansim sent it to AGD to be worked over, have the ace installed, and have the lvl 10 tuned before it reached me. I was extatic to have it. i quickly worked on my trigger, and got it set up perfectly.

2 weeks from the time i recieved it, i had the oppertunity to play with it in a tournament in Santiago. I traveled to santiago, to visit my friend, and friend of AGD Jon(whom introduced me to him) for the tournament. Everyone was blown away by the sfl. blazing fast, ace, and lvl 10. not a single chop, which was better than their impulses were doing. It was great. then the dreaded Ace troubles came into play.

one day, while tuning the trigger, the mysterious blue smoke had excaped. the ace had fried.... got back stateside, to IAO and had the ace replaced, this was the first tournament aftica had played in. The marker performed flawlessly the whole time, not a single hitch.

It kept on blazing through shatnerball, where i got the bug, the matrix bug. i tried trading it to the guys at the gen e booth, straight up for a nyx matrix, but their boss wouldnt have it. Thwarted. The sfl performed amazingly as always, but i was up for something new. So i put it for trade on pbn and ao. i got some ok offers, but nothing for what i wanted, a private label matrix. then... the owner before me contacted me. he said there is a bautiful blue to white fade toxic on ebay for cheep. he will buy it and trade it for the sfl.

i said you have a deal. so the final day rolls around, and the matrix is hovering around 800 not really moving. the seller on ebay unlists it at the last moment, just as my buyer was about to bid. he said it was insane to let it go for that cheep, and we all agreed. the origional owner of the sfl said that he wasnt paying over 900 for the matrix, where as the seller wanted 1000.

I went into the chat, bummed about what happened, and Edwierd comes on and says "let me look at some things, and il see what i cant do about buying it. well low and behold, eg comes back to me an says, hows 1000? i said thats perfect. Right before i went to send the sfl out to ed.. the dreaded ace problem came back again. as i was cleaning it and re assembling the sfl, what do i hear? FIZZZZ followed by that blue smoke, ace board 2 down. thats the pits. luckily ed still offers to buy the sfl. and the rest is history.

-written by Magman007

2006 to Present
by BigEvil
Sometime around last October.. (2006) I was FINALLY lucky enough to just so happen to come across Edweird offering his SFL Emag for sale on the Thorums. I got in touch with him ASAP, and worked out a pretty good deal to snag this bad boy from him.

This was how the marker arrived to me. It looks pretty good in the picture, however, upon closer inspection you could see that it had been neglected in a gear back for some time. There was dried paint in the barrel, body and in a few of the guns nether-regions. I was also fore-warned that the marker did not shoot, and probably needed the 'solenoid adjusted'. Turns out that the gun needed both a new battery and noid.

I dont know what was going on with that breech. However, that bent in tab near the 'fake' detent hole was preventing the bolt from moving. So, out came the dremel, files and emery cloth to fix that up. I already had it in my head that the gun was going to anno unless it was in absolute mint condition. Since it wasn't I now gave myself permission to have my filthy way with the color scheme :-)

I also had to go about the task of tracking down parts. Tuna took his sweet time getting back to me with the items I needed to get the gun running. Iwas finally able to corner him in January at a local game. I also wanted to pick up some new barrels to go to anno with the gun. I found a 3 pc Dye UL set and a rare PMI perfect bore barrel. The PMI was a nice choice because they were used by AGD Europe as stock barrels on the non-CnC Euro Xmags. Plus it looked pretty good with the SFL.

I had used Gruntbull for the anno work on a couple of other markers that I had done for myself and for other people. Each time they did an awesome job. One of those markers being a gloss silver Xmag (for "Someone")I used this as a guinea pig to see how GBA could handle an Xmag.

Once I acquired the sfl, I began talking to Todd at GBA about what I had in mind for the anno on the gun. My original plan was for a dust silver base with a black acid wash. Todd talked me out of it saying it wasn't a good idea to do with this color combination. He informed me that there was no 'true black' colored dye and that 'black' was actually a very dark purple. Where the colors mixed on the gun, it would look more purple than black. He suggested the dust silver with a heavy black splatter.

They did an awesome prep job on the marker. All of the scuffs and previous laser engraving was gone. Only in one spot if you look at it from just the right angle can you see a faint hint of the "Shocktech" logo.

-written by BigEvil

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