Make: SFL E-Mag
  • Original Green Ano
  • Black X-Valve
  • Black MicroMag Battery Pack (has original)
  • Black CCM Clamping Feedneck
  • Black Fireblade Trigger
  • Dye Ultralight
  • Software 4.0
Current Setup: Conventional
  • Smoke Empire Reloader
  • AGD 68/45 Flatline HPA Tank
  • Heat Shrinked SS Hose
Marker currently located in Salem, WI

-ACE installed-

Pictures taken 3-29-05

Earlier Pictures of This SFL
A collection of snapshots of the SFL before the images take above.
Photo when Owned by TheFlamingKoosh (2002)
Photo when Owned by JohnMcFatty (2003)
Known History
Summer of 2002 I spent building an awesome E-Cocker... AKA body, race frame, tons of goodies... Around September of 02 I had to put that for sale to pay for school... But instead of selling it, I was offered the SFL emag in trade. This was on the old PBcity forums, which have now become extinct. I totally forget the owner before me's name, I just remember that he was in Canada... We shipped guns twords the end of September... the SFL was at my house in a week, but my race cocker took 3(!) months to get there! wasn't until the middle of december after I filed a "lost package" form or whatever it is with USPS...

Anyhoo, I ended up losing my job, and I overall saw how stupid it was to own a super high end gun when I play once ever 3 months... My entire setup then was worth well over what my car was worth, and I just didn't feel comfortable with that.

But before I sold it, I lended the gun to LoadSM5 while his SFL was at AGD getting the eye put in... that was around december/january of 02/03... he shipped it directly to ntn4502 after that was done.

ntn then sold it to Lord_Whopass, but I don't know who got it after that.

Anyway, this is a picture of what it looked like when I owned it... I miss this gun And before any of you complain, the scratches in the sight rail came from the owner before me! He had a dye Izon on the gun.. it was in the picture he showed me of it, but that was lost with PBcity...

written by TheFlamingKoosh

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