One of the rarest of the E-Mag series, it has been estimated only around 25 - 40 SFL E-Mags were produced by ShockTech. The acronym "SFL" expands to "Super umm FREAKING Light" (much like the BFG in the old Quake 3 Arena game), which might not really apply as the SFLs were not much lighter than the X-Mags.

Aside from the different milling the SFLs had ShochTechs logo lasered onto both the valve and the removable breech.

No one seems to know exactly how many SFLs are out there or where they all are, but this gallery has become the most complete listing of all known SFLs E-Mags.

Names listed corespond to forum names on the website You can reach the owners there.

A second online database of both the SFL's and X-Mags currently known is found below

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