Make: SFL E-Mag
  • Original Sliver Ano
  • Original E-Mag Valve
  • 12" J&J Edge Kit
  • Custom Clear Grips
  • Carbon Fiber Highlights
  • Software 2.1
Current Setup: Conventional
  • Halo B
  • 68/45 Crossfire HPA Tank
  • Unimount
  • Black Macroline
Marker currently located in ??????

-ACE installed-

Pictures taken 3-25-05

Earlier Pictures of This SFL
A collection of snapshots of the SFL before the images take above.
Known History
Owners: (present to past) (dates when they put it up forsale on AO)

Bunny5- Robert Ballesteros
Angels One- 1/5/05
Bagelboy71 11/17/03
Nato- 6/11/03
CHl2IS 3-4-02

I have been on AO for over 6 years now. To me the SFL emag is the most coveted marker to own, and me finally owning one is something very special to me. I?ve searched long and hard for a good deal for a SFL and I had finally found one. $850 was the deal for a nearly stock SFL, with wall charger. I soon added on a J&J edge kit and a unimount.
It stills have the original valve EM01567. It also runs the Shocktech 2.1 board with eyes. I?m in the process of revamping it. So stay tuned.

-written by bunny5

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