Make: SFL E-Mag
  • Original Satin Purple Ano
  • Euro Breech w/ CCM Mod + Warp Breech
  • Satin Black E-Max Valve
  • Black Tunablade
  • 12" CCM Carbon Fiber Barrel Kit
  • X-Mod Software 1.8
Current Setup: Warp
  • FMB Stilletto Drop milled to work with Lukes Warp bracket
  • 114/45 Guerrilla HPA Tank
Marker currently located in Southern California

-ACE NOT installed-

Pictures taken 10-24-07

Earlier Pictures of This SFL
A collection of snapshots of the SFL before the images take above.
Known History
Came across the sfl one day on the forums, tunaman had it, and was showing it off, i tossed him an offer, and after a nite long bidding war with jay8541, i won, the sfl is said to have been bought previously from agd by tuna, wether it was one of tom kays or not, has been specualted, but whose to say..

-written by Rudz

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