Make: SFL E-Mag
  • Original Gloss Red Ano
  • Red TunaMax X-Valve
  • Matching Red Sceptre Barrel Kit
  • Red Kila V1 Detent
  • Home Made Translucent Red Grips
  • Software 3.2
Current Setup: Warp
  • Matcing Red Halo B
  • 68/3K AGD Flatline HPA Tank
  • Red DataPimp Drop
  • Macroline
Marker currently located in Saskatchewan, Canada

-ACE installed-

Pictures taken 10-21-04

Earlier Pictures of This SFL
A collection of snapshots of the SFL before the images take above.
May 2003. Owned by Lawnman1380
May 2003. Owned by Lawnman1380
Known History

I picked up my sfl on pbnation back in May of 2003.  Purchased it from SonGoten who is located in Hawaii.  I was a little leery of sending out money that far away as I live in Indianapolis, Indiana.  However, getting it for $825 and an evolution hopper I was willing to take the risk.  It was in pretty good shape, it had already had level 10 and ace installed on it.  It did have a few deep nicks in the battery casing and a dead battery.  Unfortunately I ended up needing some quick cash and sold it after having it only four months.  The new owner is AO's Smilestyler who resides in Canada and I believe he is still in possession of it.   Yeah I know, that thing has traveled some miles.  I now have an xmag, but it just isn't the same. 

-written by Lawman1380

I bought this in 2003 from Lawman1380. I bought a new battery pack(non CNC), and had it re anno'd, but kept the old one original it case it didn't match, but it does so now it has two. It went through several sets of grips until I found a color that I liked. Tunaman went through it in July '04, and did some stuff to it. I'm not going to say that I will keep it forever, but whoever buys it, better have deep pockets.

-written by Smilestyler

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