Make: SFL E-Mag
  • Reanoed Pewter "Dust" (2nd ano)
  • Matching 12” Freak System
  • Kila Dual V2 Magnetic Detents
  • Red Dust Fireblade Trigger
  • Custom Pewter Anoed & Milled X-Valve
  • Custom Full Body Milling & Verticle Breech
  • Custom Snake Skin FryMark Grips
  • Software XMod
Current Setup: Conventional
  • Modded Halo B
  • Air America Armageddon 45/114 HPA Tank
  • ShockTech Drop
  • Heat Shrinked SS Hose With Slide Check
Marker currently located in Baltimore, Maryland

-ACE Installed-

Pictures taken 7-12-04

Earlier Pictures of This SFL
A collection of snapshots of the SFL before the images take above.
Known History
Introduction By Kilaueakid

1. A monster of classical myth and commonly represented with a lions head, a goats body and a serpents tail.
2. A horrible or grotesque imaginary creature.
3. A fancy or an imagining.
4. An organism composed of two or more genetically distinct tissues.

…………………..A long, long time ago, in a country far, far, away, a terrible monster, called Chimaera, had made its appearance, and was doing more mischief than could be talked about between now and sunset. According to best accounts, this Chimaera was nearly, if not quite, the ugliest and most poisonous creature, hardest to fight with, and the most difficult to run away from, that ever came out of the earth's inside. She was of divine race, not of men, in the fore part a lion, in the hinder a serpent, and in her middle part a goat, who breathed raging fire, a creature fearful, great, swift footed and strong.

Being an earthly monster, I doubt whether it had any wings; but, wings or no, it ran like a goat and a lion, and wriggled along like a serpent, and thus contrived to make about as much speed as all the three together.


This “Chimaera” started out as an SFL Emag. Wanting more of a 1 of a kind marker, the SFL (1 in 50 wasn’t good enough!) went to the mill for some cosmetic changes. Many of the alterations to the grip-frame and battery pack came from ideas and proto’s seen on AO from John Sosta, Manike and AGD. The original idea was to be able to carry the marker with all fingers wrapped around the grip, having a possible single trigger option, some finger groves on the battery pack and an overall unique cosmetic change to the body.

With all these changes taking place, I figured it was no longer a SFL emag. Well, than what is it? A SFL Too?? Doing some research and discovering the Chimeara, I figured the new name suited the project very well…like a glove, especially the Lion! Here are some design changes and influences in this new beast.

Battery pack: Finger slots representing the lions’ head (Triangular).
Battery pack: Dovetail mount removed on lower half of body.
Grip Frame milling: shaved back, finger grooves and finger slot under hall sensor.
Body: SFL shaved under barrel similar to X Mag.
Body: Backsides shaved at 45 to match front and flush to the grip frame.
Body: 2nd oval type shape grooved in front and back.
Body: A crescent moon shape milled in front of barrel threads and back of body exposing fire filled belly of the beast.(ano’d blood red).
Body: 2 holes on tail of body.
Low-rise feed neck milled in a manner to slip over sides of breech.
Aluminum X valve with back half milled as a continuation of the body and will be possibly colored differently in milled areas (blood red)
Warp Breach: Milled to match gun.
Benchmark Flatline tank adaptor milled to match gun and slide further onto 4500 tank reg. Magnetic Detent, that’s right….no more springs…detents operate on magnets.
Custom Grips, hall sensor cover, selector switch, warp bracket and single trigger not pictured. Stay tuned to the near future for complete finished gun also with modified 4-grip used when relocating battery to the tank.

-written by Kilaueakid

(We are currently searching for the pictures of the marker's early shots and original milled pictures)
-August 2003 to January 2005-
by Zak Vetter (Z-man)

I came into the picture in the fall of 2003. I has upgraded my classic RT as far as I could think to take it and was looking for a crowning jewel for my collection. I had signed up on the X-Mag pre order list in March but was lamenting the expected wait for such a marker. By chance I came across the SFL Picture Thread on AO. Right off I realized I liked the milling that ShockTech had done over the X-Mag bodies. Then on page 4-5 I saw the images of Kilaueakid's Chimera SFL (CURSE ME FOR NOT SAVING THOSE WHEN I COULD HAVE!!). "Man, (I thought) that would be the one I would pick up in a heart beat."

So I started looking around to see if any SFL's were about on AO. On August 24th, Kilaueakid put his Chimera up for sale on AO. Needless to say that was a done deal and after I got AGD's blessing on the milling done to the X-Valve, I had it little gem in my hands by September.

Seeing as how Kila had done about all that could be done to the marker I set about setting it up for a left handed back player. The SFL, cool as it was, took back seat for a little time as I organized the first NorCal vs SoCal event in January of 2004. As luck would have it, Tom Kaye and a fair number of other AGD higher-ups showed up for the event. Tom offered to let those of us who wanted, test out AGD's beta software 4.0. I found that 4.0 helped immensely with my ability to walk the E-Mag trigger.

However I still did not like that 2 finger trigger. Now granted Kila had made it a very nice smooth milled one but with my large hands and poor impulse control, I wanted a big blade to tap on. In March, RR Fireblade and Coolhand (Logic Paintball) announced that they would be building a new blade trigger for the E-Mags; the Fireblade. So I snatched a dust red anoed one up in the first batch and could not have been happier.

Later on I was able to get my hands on software 4.01, which performed better at ROF's over 20. I also had Kila's Warp breech milled out to accept standard lvl10 bolts (thanks to AIC for the work). His warp breech had been slightly smaller in diameter as it was made to fit the original delrin lvl10 bolts.

I ended up selling the SFL for reasons still unclear to me. I think I just got the bug to try a different marker and at that point in my life could not justify dropping another $1500+ into a setup when I had one already. The marker went to Ty McNeer in Baltimore and is currently being taken even farther than this already Extreme SFL has been. I look forward to posting Ty's progress.

-written by Zak Vetter

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