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11.00 - 12.00 second selection from the video clip

Video Data
Recorded: August 15th, 2003 Monterey Bay Area, California, USA
Marker: AGD Automag RT Pro (X-Valve w/ lvl 10, ULE Body 12" Dye Titanium Boomstick)
Loading System: Stock Halo B (Z-Code board)
Air System: Smart Part 4500psi Max-Flo Manifold Series (2-step) 88ci system
Output Pressure: ~1,000psi
This video was taken to demo both the Halo B and rapid-fire on the Automag. I knew the Max-Flo would keep up but it was the Halo I was uncertain about. It took 3-4 hoppers to get the good unbroken clip. The Halo was kind of a hit or miss take.

The speed recorded ranged from about 21-23bps. I can only guess that this was from fluctuating finger pressure on the trigger. The Halo's problem stems from getting the balls to fall into the drive cone fast enough. The drive will push them in the breech plenty fast but gravity still has to get the balls to the cone. Actualy this is the Achilis Heel of all the Force fed hoppers on the marker with the exception of the Q-Loader. Those last 20 balls are going to bounce around and not feed in consistantly.

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