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42.50 - 43.50 second selection from the video clip

Video Data
Recorded: June 13th, 2004 Santa Clara Paintball (SCP) (San Jose area), California, USA
Marker: AGD Automag RT (commonly called a Classic RT today)
Loading System: Halo B (V35 board upgrade)
Air System: Direct feed off a 63cu ft steel scuba tank into the gas through
Output Pressure: ~2,000psi range
This was the first attempt to put paint through any Automag when running stright off a scuba tank. I did not try this prior to arriving in San Jose. We asked the management if we could try this out on one of thier fields during the lunch break and they allowed it.

The paint we used was this TERRIBLE stuff from Ireland (really it said made in ireland) and I swear when you pulled out a handfull it was like your hand was covered in canola oil.

All things considered though this was pretty impressive for an impromtue video:

  • A mech marker made in 1998 with a powerfeed style neck and stock barrel
  • An untested Halo B with a brand new V35 board
  • CRAPPY, GREASY paint.

I don't remember who I asked to hold the camera but curse them for jumping around like that.... (no really thanks for helping out bro someone had to do it).

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