Sound Analysis of Video ""

6.00 - 7.00 second selection from the video clip

Video Data
Recorded: December 23th, 2004 Monterey Bay Area, California, USA
Marker: AGD Automag RT "RogueMag" (complete custom ULE RT Pro by RogueFactor)
Loading System: ACI Q-Loader V1 direct mounted to the feedneck (FACTORY PREWINDS)
Air System: Direct feed off a 63cu ft steel scuba tank into the gas through
Output Pressure: ~1,800psi range
Still to this day (2008) the fasted recording of any paintball marker firing paintballs over a full 1 second interval (this is 3 seconds but who's counting?). The selection I chose for the sound analysis was pretty arbitrary since the whole run easily broke 34bps.

This was a different RT generously load to me by Rogue Factor. It was a classy light weight RT Pro fully ULEd he used as his personal marker. Very nice marker (I can't believe he didn't kill me for using it in the Stress Test video)...

Once again the Qloader did a great job, it was more a question of getting the ideal input pressure into the RT valve. I actually only ran around 1800psi input on these runs.

The other thing I see is that I the faster these videos get the shorter the actuall footage is.... Ill need to add stuff in to the start and end to make it interesting.

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