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43.00 - 44.00 second selection from the video clip

Video Data
Recorded: April 5th, 2004 Monterey Bay Area, California, USA
Marker: AGD Automag RT (commonly called a Classic RT today)
Loading System: None
Air System: Direct feed off a 63cu ft steel scuba tank into the gas through
Output Pressure: ~2,300-2,000psi range
I think this was either the evening or just a few days after the day I realized that the valves on all AGD markers say something very interesting:

"Rated 3000psi"

This was the result of my first test. Again, I had no idea what would happen (maybe that was dumb) and I had not tested this before the footage was shot. I had the camera propped up on a ladder for this particual footage.

It should be noted that the Classic RT I was using was made back in 1998 and other than the lvl10 upgrade was 100% stock down to the hardline from the gas through reg to the valve.

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