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50.70 - 54.70 second selection from the video clip

Video Data
Recorded: February 24th, 2004 Monterey Bay Area, California, USA
Marker: AGD Automag RT Pro (X-Valve w/ lvl 10, ULE Body 12" Dye Titanium Boomstick)
Loading System: Stock Halo B (Z-Code board)
Air System: Smart Part 4500psi Max-Flo Manifold Series (2-step) 88ci system
Output Pressure: ~1,000psi
This movie was made more to disprove some of the many myths surrounding rapid-fire and whether or not it actually caused increased wear on the parts. A common reason cited goes on to say that the sear does not fully reset when you are rapid-firing and so somehow that wears it down more. This sounds ok untill you realize that you can shoot an E-Mag (which has an RT valve) as fast as you can rapid-fire. In addition if the sear was not resetting during this string of rapid-fire, at a MERE 12bps... then how does it reset when you pull the trigger normally 12bps?

Seems to me that there are 2 answers. Either:

  1. At a certain speed 20+? 25+? cps, the sear does not reset properly and no matter how you shoot you are harming the valve. This would mean that AGD needs to cap the ROF on the E/X-mags to keep them from getting jacked up among other things. Strange that they don't...
  2. This "sear not resetting" claim is so much equine fecal matter and one of the many myths of rapid-fire.

Wanna guess what I think?

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