Movies Made By Z-man (shown in chronological order)
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Produced 12/23/04 Armed with a RogueMag and having more experience with the nuances of all the equipment, I was able to coax a little more speed out of the RT valve. Technically I hit 34.5bps but who's counting right? Produced 12/23/04 I was given the opportunity to test out Centerflag Paintball's new 4CE reg system. The reg offers 4 different spring settings for the output pressure best for your marker. Running at 1000psi this preset is the first (to my knowledge) you can rapidfire.
Produced 12/23/04 This was just a little extra footage I was able to make into a short example of feeding consistency. Notice that the Halo B will misfeed now and then resulting in either a blank shot or stopping the string of shots for a second. Produced 12/23/04 A demo of just how much abuse the Automag can take. Yes it's rather crude and things did not play out as clean as I would have liked but I was short on time and was able to squeeze this little film in before the field closed.
Produced 7/4/04 When AIC donated a QLoader system to us, we felt that it was only right that we show just how fast the QLoader was able to feed. In addition we took another crack at the Victory Board to see if the better paint helped out. Produced 7/4/04 This video shows Centerflag's Dynaflow reg system and how it kept up with the 31bps shooting on the Viking. Any tank that can sustain that flow rate is a keeper.
Produced 6/13/04 With a Victory Board in my hands I had a chance to see if Odyssey was realy talking BPS or just BS. As this was the first testing, we ran into some problems but that is how you learn. Produced 4/10/04 This video was the first serious testing of the E-Mag design with software 4.0. Thanks to Brad for shooting E-Mod. Chris "YUR M0M" Kid has become more popular than the speed testing...
Produced 4/5/04 I had always wanted to do this: Plug the RT valve into 2-3000psi directly and see how fast it would shoot. With a consistant 34CPS, I can safely test the Halo B's new Victory board. Yes I know I look like an idiot! Produced 2/24/04 In my relentless push to dispell the many misconceptions about rapid-fire, I made this little video to show a bit more on how rapid-fire if very controlable as well as argue the "sear not resetting" claim.
Produced 8/15/03 There always has been (and it seems alwas will be) a HUGE debate over what an Automag can and cannot do and how fast is fast. Why argue when you can make a video? Produced 8/15/03 I threw this little video in while I was making the popular Rapid-Fire video. When people tell you what is and is not possible, its best to simply prove them wrong then tell them. I now have a page to explain How I Fire The RT Trigger
All videos on this site are QuickTime streaming video. You can download the latest QuickTime player free from Apple's site.

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