In all honestly this whole site is an excuse to see what I can do with the various images and pages.  I continue to refine and streamline the layout of the site and eliminate the navigational bottlenecks and visual anomalies.  But I get great satisfaction from making a page look pleasing to the eye.
A lot of my work has been motivated purely from my own desire for an image or seeing an image that I knew I could make better or more interesting in some way. For virtually everything I work on, Photoshop is the only tool I use.
Forums that I visited often allowed for little images as a signature of sorts. I loved making new ones to reflect my mood or thoughts on an event or thread. Of course it has to look cool as well...
I enjoy the challenge of making the logo or the image match the emotions and the feelings the subject matter is about.  If it's about power and strength, if it's about success, about being professional, whatever it is, I want the image to make me immediately feel what it stands for or is portraying.
This was a combination of my fascination with the radiation symbol and an attempt to come up with a logo for my paintball team "ESP". I have an urge to embellish upon a simple logo. I hate leaving it as a 2D, 2 color image when I can make it so much more... Trouble is, once that is done it is more fitting as a background to a computer screen than stitched on a shirt or printed as a sticker.
In the end much of the graphic design I do is what makes up this website and any others I have made.  The logo above on the left was conceived by my father over 40 years ago.  I was asked to modernize it while retaining it's original look.  I also build the navigation section of his site which is quite pretty.
And of course what would the world be without posters and wallpapers for the computer?

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